About me

As you have obviously guessed, my name is Antonio and I am an Italian who has had several experiences between Italy and Switzerland. For a long time I have been involved in weddings, with good results. 


I have always had fun photographing the most beautiful day of many people. Since 2006 I have concentrated on different techniques, and my experience in the computer field has helped me in the elaboration and customization of the photographic shots. Approaching the age of 40 I also discovered a passion for landscape and industrial photography as well as commercial photography. One of the next projects will be to organize a vernissage, practically closing the circle at 360 degrees trying all the possibilities'. 


I speak perfectly Italian, German and Swiss-German, so without problems you can ask for information in different ways.

I am also available for beginners and advanced photography courses, even for students from 15 years old.

I hope you enjoy your stay on my site and if you have questions, doubts or just want to send me a greeting, the contact form works great. 


till next time

© 2018 Antonio Cerrito

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